Planetary is a provocative cinematic journey that explores our cosmic origins and our future as a species.



“For the first time, I not only saw the fragility of the planet, I felt it.”

Erin Sharoni, Huffington Post Entertainment

“This film moved me to tears more than once with its sheer beauty.”
TD Rideout, The Mind Reels

“A call to arms for worldwide action to save the Earth.”
Mark Hanson, The Toronto Film Scene

“Thought-provoking...moving and beautiful”
Michael D'estries, Mother Nature Network

"A most impressive logistical and aesthetic feat."
Dennis Harvey, Variety

"A fabulous film that could have long-reaching impact and continue generating interest over many years...A gift to the rising consciousness among those who see and feel themselves as planetary citizens and for those who could benefit from such a worldview. Words of insight and wisdom from the thinkers progress here like poignant epigrams, each of which could front entire chapters of discourse."
Tyler Volk, Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies, New York University, Author, Quarks to Culture

"This film is a very useful guide, leading...audiences through the steps needed to recognize what kind of transformation in our thinking is needed...For those who recall first seeing the image of the whole Earth from space, the film is deeply moving. For younger audiences the history of how this idea first dawned - simultaneously with Lovelock's Gaia hypothesis - will be just as moving and inspiring of hope."
James Strick, Professor of Earth and Environment, Chair of the Program in Science, Technology and Society, Franklin and Marshall College

"The environmental crisis is manifest across many dimensions of ecology and ideology, technology and the economy, culture, religion, and spirituality, and both social and personal psychology. This film suggests there is a hope; transformation is possible...Understanding that we are planetary is the heart of a new story, a story fit for the Anthropocene." Allen Thompson, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Oregon State University, Co-Editor, Ethical Adaptation to Climate Change

"Here is a documentary about our eco-social crisis that foregoes reiterating the standard litany of woes. Instead it goes right to the heart of the matter: the rupture of our relationship with the Earth and with one another and the spiritual awakening needed to change our historical course."
Eileen Crist, Associate Professor of Science and Technology in Society, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

"A beautiful film for birthing a planetary consciousness. Many are seeking to move beyond anthropocentric thinking and this film helps point the way."
John Grim, Co-Director and Co- Founder, Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology, Yale University


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